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Enjoyable music and horror video games aren’t sometimes two belongings you see grouped collectively. More often than not, the soundtracks of horror contain loud cacophonies and looming drones meant to intensify the senses of viewers and construct suspense. Nonetheless, within the temporary moments of respite between getting chased, hunted down, and attacked, the eerie ambiance can really be very soothing and nice to take heed to.

Online game soundtracks total can typically be an excellent useful resource for creating enjoyable atmospheres conducive for working/learning, and horror soundtracks supply a flexible vary of upbeat and lowkey tracks to suit the temper of every listener. This checklist hones-in on particular tracks of horror video games that stand out essentially the most, with some further mentioning of different tracks in every respective recreation.

Breeze In Monochrome Night time (Silent Hill 3)

This monitor in Silent Hill Three is commonly missed, as it is just performed throughout one temporary cutscene in the course of the sport throughout (one of many few occasions) Heather is secure. It begins sluggish, with a gradual tempo and barely sinister tone, main as much as a extra upbeat climax because the piano takes heart stage. It’s enjoyable to take heed to and will get upbeat simply sufficient that it isn’t a boring pay attention.

The soundtracks of every Silent Hill entry hardly ever disappoint, and this whole checklist might simply be made up of songs all through the collection. There’s a nice compilation of those songs by YouTube consumer Cryveil right here. And in the event you’re actually on a hunt for Silent Hill tracks to take heed to, take a look at composer Akira Yamaoka’s Spotify artist web page, which options the official soundtracks of virtually each Silent Hill recreation!

Relaxation Cease Music (Overland)

Between moments of getting attacked by unusual parasitic creatures throughout a post-apocalyptic road-trip, the music that performs throughout relaxation stops in Overland is certainly value mentioning. The smooth buzzing accompanied with the strums of an acoustic guitar creates a relaxing environment.

Whereas there, sadly, isn’t a purchasable soundtrack presently accessible, this monitor has fortunately been uploaded on YouTube by consumer Impail3r.

Piano Etude II (Rule of Rose)

Whereas the haunting piano of Rule of Rose hits the goal all through the whole recreation, it shines the brightest within the remaining etude that performs in the course of the epilogue of the sport. This monitor solely incorporates a piano, making it simple to get misplaced in, which is sensible on condition that this monitor is performed throughout Jennifer’s journey via her childhood recollections.

Recollections (The Final Door)

The pixelated point-and-click horror recreation The Final Door boasts a beautiful soundtrack of orchestrated melodies, principally comprised of piano and string compositions with classical vibes.

The monitor, Recollections, has a degree of drama that’s nonetheless nice for background noise—and even higher is the truth that each The Final Door and The Final Door 2’s soundtracks are each accessible on Spotify!

Bond (Telltale’s The Strolling Lifeless: Season 2)

Whereas her character was very divisive with gamers of Telltale’s The Strolling Lifeless, Sarah’s theme is among the greatest in the whole soundtrack. The monitor is generally simply the smooth strums of an acoustic guitar, reflecting the youthful innocence of Sarah (in antithesis to Clementine’s maturity).

It may be first heard in one of many few scenes within the collection that isn’t purely about survival, as Clementine and Sarah take footage with a Polaroid digital camera, ensuing within the nice to take heed to tone.

Fundamental Menu Theme (Resident Evil: Revelations 2)

For those who’re a Resident Evil fan studying this, we all know what you’re in all probability considering: the save room themes are the apparent solutions on this class! And whereas it is vitally true that they’re simple picks on this context (with Resident Evil 2 and three having one of the best save room themes), the primary menu theme of Revelations 2 can also be very underrated.

The monitor is barely eerie and options plenty of sounds, however the violin is gorgeous and enchanting to take heed to. It seamlessly loops and isn’t very repetitive—good for listening for lengthy intervals of time whereas focusing. Better of all, for a special vibe, take a look at the title theme of the primary Resident Evil: Revelations, which this monitor relies on.

Graveyard Space 1 (Maximo: Ghosts To Glory)

Regardless that Maximo slashes and bashes skeleton warriors of the underworld to this theme, it’s nonetheless chill sufficient to take heed to casually. It options sounds traditional to the horror style, with dramatic horns and menacing strings, however by no means will get too obnoxious for straightforward listening.

Not like earlier video games on this checklist, this can be the one monitor within the Maximo collection that may be listened to for informal background noise, as the remainder of the tracks are rather more chaotic to match the motion of the video games.

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