Strength training for women: the key to achieving the desired body

Although the strength zone of gyms is no longer the exclusive province of men today, bodybuilding and strength training remain deterrents for many women. The  fear of developing huge muscles and male  and  losing the feminine curves  is omnipresent and especially restrains women who want to lose weight to do strength training and use heavy weights. Especially when it comes to shedding a few pounds or reducing body fat, strength training is the key to long-term success.

Many stars from the world of cinema, music and sports prove it and publish their successes in training or their favorite exercises on social networks. With the compact personal trainer we want to help women overcome the fear of weights and discover strength training. The reason: strength training is an essential ally to achieve the desired body.


  • Why Resistance Training Isn’t Everything
  • Not afraid of big muscles
  • The benefits of strength training for women
  • Effective exercises to achieve the desired body
  • Sample workout plan for women

Why Resistance Training Isn’t Everything

It is often observed that women mostly use the cardio machines in the gym and avoid both strength training machines and dumbbells. However,  the key to success in achieving a firm and defined body  is strength training.

At 22%, muscle mass represents practically a quarter of our daily energy metabolism. Muscles are our best weapon to fight excess pounds and love handles. Even at rest, they burn extra calories, thereby increasing basal metabolism, promoting long-term fat loss.

For women, strength training not only helps build valuable muscle mass, it also helps maintain existing muscles. With resistance training combined with a hypocaloric diet a caloric deficit is achieved, but in the long term this weight loss also leads to the loss of muscle mass.

With the loss of muscle mass the energy needs of the body decrease, which are often maintained even after losing weight.

The consequences:

  • it is increasingly difficult to achieve a sufficient caloric deficit for a diet and burn body fat.
  • After losing weight, you run the risk of “rebound effect.”

At this point strength training for women comes into play as it helps maintain and define muscles and stimulate fat burning. Resistance training is a useful supplement to strength training: it helps burn more calories, improve performance, and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Not afraid of big muscles

The fear that many women have of developing large, masculine muscles if they do regular strength and weight training is totally unfounded: women are biologically programmed differently than men. They have the same muscle structure, but normally they produce much less testosterone, a hormone that strongly promotes muscle growth. Consequently, other characteristics also differ in terms of bodybuilding, strength values ​​and body fat. This is why the following applies to women:  not huge bulging muscles are formed, but shaped and defined curves.

To stimulate the muscles in training and achieve visible definition, a sufficiently high resistance is necessary. To do this, it is convenient to be guided by a trainer at a ladies gym.

The benefits of strength training for women

Getting plump and defined shapes is one of the benefits of strength training for women. The entire body is toned and the muscles are defined, which also flatters the female figure. Thanks to a higher proportion of muscle mass and a reduction in body fat, the contours are much more visible and the feminine curves stand out more.

Contrary to resistance training, it allows you to work more of the different muscles and muscle groups, allowing you to specifically mold different parts of the body.

Due to the influence on the body proportions, the overall image of the body is more harmonious. Thus, for example, a wide pelvis can be compensated with a specific training of the upper part of the body. In addition, strength training also contributes to improving general health and a much better body perception in women.

Improved body awareness  improves quality of life and well-being : if a person feels comfortable in their body, they automatically gain self-esteem and self-confidence. Specific training for the back, arms and pectorals improves posture and counteracts the negative health consequences derived above all from sedentary work.

An advantage for women who have little time and a limited budget: generally speaking, there is the possibility of doing strength training also at home, without having to join the gym. With the help of training devices, such as kettlebells or dumbbells, it is also possible to train at home. Half an hour  is enough to  train the body effectively.

Effective exercises to achieve the desired body

Basic exercises are especially effective in strength training for women to improve the interaction of the different muscle groups, something essential to achieve an upright and healthy posture and to execute economic movements in sports and on a daily basis. Not in vain have they been imposed as classic and very popular exercises until today.

The most important basic exercises are the  deadlift ,  squats , lunges,  bench press,  and chin-ups .

The insurmountable advantages of these exercises:

  • They work several parts of the body simultaneously.
  • They also include small muscle groups, which are often neglected in other exercises.
  • They stimulate fat burning due to their complexity and increased effort.
  • They promote the release of growth hormone, testosterone, which affects the entire body.
  • Little machines or apparatus are needed: exercises can be done at home.