News Shahid Afridi confirms Pak role in Kashmir terror, says ‘We are not there to sell pakodas, samosas’


Field Marshal
Field Marshal


After creating a furore by calling Kashmir as “India-occupied Kashmir”, former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi went a step further on Wednesday when he confirmed Islamabad’s role in spreading terror in Jammu and Kashmir. In an exclusive conversation with Times Now, Afridi said Pakistan was not in Kashmir to set up samosa and pakoda stalls.

When Times Now confronted Afridi and asked him if the terrorism in Kashmir is sponsored by Pakistan, the cricketer replied: “Do you think Pakistan is there to set up samosa and pakora stalls?” His reply confirms what India has been saying at all international levels regarding Pakistan’s role in fomenting terrorism.

Afridi’s acknowledgment came a day after he ranted about the Kashmir issue. His tweet called the situation in the Kashmir Valley as “appalling and worrisome” in the wake of the recent clampdown on Pakistan-sponsored terrorists by the Indian security forces.

In his tweet on Tuesday, Shahid Afridi said, “Appalling and worrisome situation ongoing in the Jammu and Kashmir. Innocents being shot down by oppressive regime to clamp voice of self determination and independence. Wonder where is the UN and other international bodies and why aren’t they making efforts to stop this bloodshed?” After facing flak over his tweet, Afridi again tweeted and this time said he expects human rights “for our innocent Kashmiris”.

The ‘brute force’ used by the Pakistani establishment to suppress the rebellion in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is an open secret. India has been highlighting and voicing concerns about widespread torture and dominance of the Pakistani Army in governing the area. Last month too, India lambasted Pakistan for harbouring the United Nations-designated terrorists like Hafiz Saeed. Speaking at the 37th session of UN human rights council (UNHRC), Mini Devi Kumam, Second Secretary, India’s Permanent Mission, said, “In gross violation of UN Security Council resolution 1267, the UN designated terrorists like Hafiz Mohammed Saeed are freely operating with State support, and the UN designated entities are being politically mainstreamed in Pakistan.”

“They are raising funds in flagrant violations of Pakistan’s international obligations,” she had added.India also highlighted enforced disappearances and unlawful killing of political dissidents by the Pakistani security forces and demanded the end of sectarian violence, systemic persecution and attacks on Muslim minorities, such as Shia, Ahmadiyas, Ismailia, and Hazaras in Pakistan.


We must declare Afridi a terrorist and kill him just like we did in 2003 with his kin in the Valley. He must be permanently denied Indian visa and India must remind Porkistan that how its citizens are crawling on all fours for Indian medical visas.

atheesh Santhamurthy

Well if they established Pakoda stall then they might have been equal righted citizens of India rather killed rats..,
And if you choose power then reply would be brute force not a diplomatic discussion. So better choose wisely.
If Pakistan engaged UN before infiltration in 1947~48 then the demand of international diplomacy sounds logical. But if you infiltrates into others territory and get casualties then weep for dialogue sounds childish to me..,


These fools wont understand about the righteousness and dharma. Fools have always tendency to support Terror Sponsor. Your Religion Extremism has done enough damage to many civilizations through time. Now its time you people pay for the past , present mistakes. Leave Terrorism or your insight of supporting Terrorism shall be relieved from the mother Earth. This is Final Warning for PAK.



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Debojyoti Kumar

Sahid Afridi should have given some examples to please his supporters back home so that he can become more popular to join politics , may be MML of terrorist Hafiz Saeed.

Indian Patriot

All Pakistani singers, actors , cricketers play dual role. One is being top notch spy of Pakistaan, well disguised.