News Pakistani terrorists choosing LOC over IB is new worry for Indian Army


Field Marshal
Field Marshal

SOURCE: NewsroomPost

The Indian Army was taken by surprise when four terrorists managed to infiltrate into Sunderbani. The four terrorists it may be recalled were killed in an encounter earlier this week and the security officials said that they belonged to the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

What needs to be taken note in this incident is that the manner in which the terrorists managed to infiltrate into the region. Normally terrorists infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir through the International Border.

However this latest infiltration bid by the terrorists through the Line of Control is a first in several years. This has led the security officials to review the anti-infiltration grid pattern.

The terrorists according to security officials managed to infiltrate in through the LOC and reached Sunderbani, which is 9 kilometres away. It is a great cause for concern, said an Army official as this region has not seen infiltrations for many years. The matter is being discussed and we are reviewing the situation as we do not rule further attempts through this area in the future.

Army has successfully managed to keep intruders out of the LOC. However if immediate action is not taken and the situation not reviewed, then there would be more such incidents in the days to come. Army officials say that any successful infiltration through the LOC would be tough to combat considering the terrain ahead. There are heavy forested areas and terrorists find it easy to hide.

Further most of the cease fire violations have been reported from the LOC. This only makes the task more difficult for the Army to curb intruders and hence a quick review in plan needs to be drawn up, the officer also said.

The four terrorists who used this route however were killed owing to them showing up in public. They had not carried food with them and frequently came out in the open posing as BSF men. They had visited a shop several times to buy food.

However when the shopkeeper got suspicious, he tipped off the police. This led to the security launching an operation and gunning down all the four terrorists.