News Lenin statue toppled in Tripura: This is goondaism, BJP couldn't wait for first day at office to begin, says Prakash Raj


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Lenin Statue Toppled In Tripura: This Is Goondaism, BJP Couldn't Wait For First Day At Office To Begin, Says Prakash Raj

National Award winning actor Prakash Raj, who has been very vocal about his anti-establishment stance, has yet again slammed the ruling BJP after its cadre allegedly bulldozed the statue of Lenin in Tripura.

In videos and pictures that have gone viral, a mob was captured razing Lenin’s statue in Tripura’s Belonia town.

Slamming the incident, Raj took to Twitter and said, ‘Amith shah ji ... to tell the people of our country as to what your agenda is and the way governing is going to be in #tripura ...your cadre could not even wait for vote marks on the fingers to dry.. nor for the first day at office to begin .. #goondaism #antidemocratic #lenin (sic).’

The toppling of the statue has sparked protests with the Left calling it an anti-democratic act.

This is not the first time Prakash Raj has taken down the Central government and the ruling party.

Earlier, he mocked Union Minister Satyapal Singh on his Darwin Theory remark.

‘ our ancestors have not seen ape evolving in to man” says minister. But dear sir,..can you deny that we are witnessing..the evolving into ape by digging the past and trying to take us back into STONE AGE......#justasking (sic),’ Raj had tweeted on January 22.

"Darwin's theory (of evolution of humans) is scientifically wrong. It needs to change in school and college curriculum. Since the man is seen on Earth he has always been a man," Singh had said while speaking to reporters at an event earlier in January.