comprehensive national strength:China ranks 7th, India 9th


Field Marshal
Field Marshal
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences report:
On the comprehensive national strength China is only the world “Seventh”
When the world pay close attention to the rapid increase China’s international status and discussion of “China-US cohabitation”, “two groups” (G2) may be formed, China’s official think tank, a study suggested that the comprehensive national strength, China is only the world’s ” 7th, “but second to the United States military forces.

Academy of Social Sciences issued yesterday, “the international situation, yellow book”, for the West Group of Seven and the BRIC countries overall national competitions come to the conclusion that the United States, Japan, Germany, the world’s top three strengths, China ranked seventh.

Country’s comprehensive national strength of these 11 rankings are: the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, Russia, China, Britain, India, Italy, Brazil.

According to Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Economics and director of international politics, “the international situation, yellow book” Li Shaojun associate editor at the press conference yesterday on the introduction, the evaluation index system, including territory and natural resources, population, economic, military, science and technology 5 direct elements; and social development, sustainability, security and domestic politics, international contributions to the impact factor of four.

But he stressed that this appraisal is reflected in the strategic reference value, can not be said to be more objective reflection of national strength, the value of appraisal should be reflected in the indicators for more comprehensive comparative aspects.

Appraisal results show that Chinese scholars in the strategy will be the United States as the world’s truly a super power, particularly in the United States in military strength, leadership, far from the other country can shake.

“Beige book” that the U.S. military spending equal to the sum of the other 10 countries 132% of its overall military strength of the total score of 90.08 points. China ranked second in total points scored just 33.3 points. Russia has a 22800 with a tank weapons and equipment strength, military capability ranks third in the world.

The U.S. economy, science, technology and international contribution to the primacy of these three indicators, resources, ranking the second place. Only in social development, sustainability and security and domestic politics 3, the United States score lower.