News ‘Heal thyself’: India’s sharp riposte to Pakistan’s diatribe at NAM meeting


Field Marshal
Field Marshal


India on Thursday gave a befitting reply to Pakistan when the latter raked up the issue of Kashmir at the Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) Ministerial Meeting being held in Baku, Azerbaijan, calling it to “heal” itself and stop spreading “malicious” lies.

In yet another attempt by Pakistan, the Special Assistant to PM of Pakistan on Media Affairs Dr Musadik Masood Malik made the usual remarks regarding alleged “atrocities” in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. A sharp riposte was given by a young Indian diplomat from the Indian delegation, Priyanka Mehtani, to the “unwarranted diatribe” by Pakistan.

Urging Pakistan not to divert from the NAM agenda, Mehtani said, “Even as all of us have focused our energies, here in Baku, to address the relentless forces of change that make our working together imperative, a sole voice from the wilderness – Pakistan — has ventured to sound a discordant note.”

Calling the act a self-serving “propaganda”, she said that Pakistan showed complete “disregard of the NAM’s core values that have brought us together – mutual equality, mutual respect and mutual cooperation.”

Even as India wanted the forum to stick to the decided agenda, it had to respond to the “distraction” caused by Pakistan and explain the context in which India discusses violence and terrorism, a point that Pakistan seems to miss.

“Glorifying violence, promoting cross-border terrorism, harboring territorial ambitions against the territorial integrity of neighbours are all methodologies of those who live in yesterday’s world. Resort to these will not change the reality that Jammu & Kashmir is an inalienable & integral part of India and will remain so,” she said at the NAM conference.

The simple message to Pakistan that preaches to India and has stopped looking within came from the Mehtani when she said, “My simple response to Pakistan is neighbor – heal thyself.”