Cross-Training is an intensive circuit-training type training where you have to perform several exercises in a given time such as pull-ups, squats or even box jumps. It is a mix of powerlifting, weight lifting, gymnastics and endurance sports, which allows you to do cross-training and work the muscles of the body as a whole. Combining cardio program, intensity and explosiveness, it is a very complete sport which is based on the development of 10 qualities: agility, balance, speed, power, precision, resistance, coordination, flexibility , strength and cardio. The goal is to improve their physical but also mental performance as well as their overall physical condition.

Complete and varied workouts, easy to set up, cross-training is suitable for both beginners and the most seasoned athletes! It will allow you to achieve all your personal goals: strength and endurance, muscle mass gain, body toning or simple fitness. Cross-training is the perfect discipline to start or (re) -take in sport without ever getting bored! Fitness Park explains how to set up a suitable cross-training session.


Each Cross-Training workout is structured around a WOD, which means WorkOut of the Day or in French: the training of the day. This WOD is made up of functional and varied exercises to be performed within a given timeframe, all linked together according to different formats (time limit, number of repetitions). In Cross-Training, no routine, each day a different intense training or your worst enemy will not be your coach but indeed his stopwatch!

Each session usually lasts 1 hour and can be divided into 3 parts after a complete warm-up, called a warm-up. Here’s how a well-executed cross-training WOD works:

  1. The technique:oriented on the learning of certain complex movements that can be found for example in weightlifting such as the clean jerk , barbell thrusters , power snatch , etc. These technical exercises must be understood with the help of a sports coach for a perfect and mastered execution in order to avoid any injuries. Do these movements seem insurmountable to you? Do not panic ! In the Fitness Park gyms , a coach can help you master these exercises without risk.
  2. Strength:where the objective will be to develop maximum strength as during a weight training session , on one or more exercises such as the squat or snatch. The goal: to surpass yourself!
  3. Cardio: where the goal this time will be to do a number of high-intensity exercises (pull-ups, burpees, push-ups, box jumps, etc.) with as little break time as possible. This part can be done with weight training equipment: Kettlebells, PowerBag, dumbbells, battle rope.

The combination of these 3 exercises will allow you to improve your general physical condition, to burn calories while building the muscles of the whole body! At Fitness Park, the crossfit training in delhi is ideally designed to train you in the best conditions. We provide you with all the necessary equipment for your sessions. Thanks to your Unlimited Pass , you can have free access to the Cross-Training area in your room, at no additional cost. No more excuses for not coming to train!

Are you convinced of the benefits of cross-training, have bought your best sportswear, but you don’t know where to start? Our coaches explain the exercises to you and have prepared a program for you to start this activity calmly and gently!


There is a wide variety of work formats to carry out training and to diversify it:

  • The decreasing series (21-15-9, etc.)
    • The AMRAPs (As Many Rounds As Possible, ie as many turns as possible)
    • The Bear Complex, sequences where the load increases with each turn

And finally it is in the cardio part that we will find the “Metcons” (Metabolism And Conditioning, or Metabolic Conditioning) which make it possible to increase the respiratory capacities, the cardiovascular rate and the endurance of the practitioner.

There are 2 ways to achieve a metcon type WOD:

  • With cardio exercises (rowing machine, jump rope, battle-rope, etc.)
    • By mixing strength training exercises and cardio exercises (sprint and pulling, etc.) or you will achieve high intensity interval training and burn many calories. This technique is also called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): the most effective method to refine your body quickly!


Here is a little overview of some metcons :

Barbara: 5 rounds (rounds) at bodyweight. Perform the circuit below 5 times without any time limit. The goal is to complete the program as a whole, at your own pace!
• 20 pull-ups (with a pull-up bar)
• 30 push-ups (pump)
• 40 sit-ups (abs)
• 50 squats

Cindy: AMRAP in 20 minutes at body weight. For 20 minutes, complete the circuit below, making as many laps as possible.
• 5 pull-ups
• 10 push ups
• 15 squats

Fight Gone Bad: circuit used in competition where you have to do a maximum of repetitions for 1 minute for each exercise:

  • 9kg Medicine Ball throws against a wall 3 meters high
    • Chin pulls with a 35 kg bar
    • Jumps on a bench at 60 cm high
    • Standing military press with a 35 kg bar
    • Rower

There is an endless possibility of WOD, you are free to create your own circuits!


Cross-Training is aimed at all audiences, since the loads can be adapted and the goal is to surpass oneself. Do you like intensive programs, want to challenge yourself in a group or alone, or even push your limits? Then Cross-Training is for you!

A little bored of your bodybuilding routines? Cross Training offers you the advantage of a less classic and more fun training thanks to its many exercises.

Your schedule is busy, little time to devote to sport? Not everyone has time to spend hours in the room. But as long as you are motivated, the desire can be to lose a few pounds, to prepare yourself physically, or even to forge an athletic physique? A possible solution with its condensed intensity sessions to save you time!

Cross Training offers you a new method of training where your biggest opponent will not be other practitioners but yourself! Motivation, challenge, and perspiration will be there. Challenge yourself to achieve your goal.